Public School Leasing

Public School Leasing

School Leasing Computers School Leasing BusWe speak “education” and financing.  You’re in the right place!   We provide lease-to-own financing for everything from school buses to computers to bleachers–any vehicles and essential use equipment for your school; K-12 through university. From the classroom to the gym to the chemistry lab and the library. If your school needs it, we can help make it very affordable today.

Do More…With Less!

Bet you’ve heard that a few too many times from the Mayor, the City Manager, or your own School Board.  We will show you how to wring more school equipment, vehicles, and maintenance equipment out of this year’s funds.  And (we’ve saved the best last) we’ll do it for less than you’re spending now by allowing your school to S-P-R-E-A-D those costs over 3-7 (or more) budget years. From laptops to study carrels to grounds keeping, bleachers to sidewalk snowblowers…and everything in between. If it’s essential to how your school operates, it’s in.

Your Lowest Cost Financing

Its a fact: School equipment leasing (municipal leasing) is your lowest cost source of financing for IT equipment, servers, networks, school bus leasing, School Computer Classroomand school computer leasing.  Our programs are designed specifically for government-funded entities like yours–the rules are different, but the benefits are extraordinary.  Our municipal leasing interest rates for schools are well below commercial or non-profit interest rates. See the numbers!

Skip the pay-for-it-all-in-advance budget trap this year. Most schools have found that paying in advance (like so many try every year) is a tough fiscal model to get tangled up in. Our programs are “Pay as You Go,” and schools find that it just makes sense to match capital expenses (over several years) to tax receipts (over several years).  We call it “cash flow friendly.”

Purchase From Any Vendor

You can select the suppliers that are best for your school–best location, best price, best service, best warranty–including anyone on the state contract or your preferred buying group. If the school equipment vendor is OK with you, they’re OK with us.  Every piece of equipment is titled in the school’s name the school bus leasing for public school leasing and charter schoolsday the vendor delivers it. Your school owns every vehicle. After the last lease payment you can go on using the equipment forever (FOREVER!) at no additional cost; trade it, sell it or re-assign it. There are no lease-end buyouts or payoffs, EVER.  As if you had paid cash years earlier.  More about buses here.

Modular Classrooms, Temporary & Portable Classrooms

Growth is good, but expansion and new facilities and spaces can be “fiscally” painful.  Sometimes it seems like community demographics can turn on a dime, and portable classrooms are the only way to ramp up, fastwithout the incredibly complicated process of floating bonds and making 20-30 year commitments.  With municipal leasing for schools, your next expansion time frame will be measured in weeks, not months and years–at low, low municipal interest rates.

Get a School Leasing Quote

Let us prepare a quick quote now on any combination equipment & terms. We can have real numbers on your desk today–you’ll know within 60 seconds of receiving our quote if municipal leasing is the best choice for your school! (what’s the downside of seeing some actual numbers?)

And whenever you’re ready, we’ll put it all together for you in a matter of days, not weeks or months.

Get a School Bus, School Computer & Classroom Equipment Lease-to-Own Quote Leasingg QuoteWe’ve Got You Covered!

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