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Municipal lease-purchase financing for public and charter schoolsWhether you’re outfitting/upgrading a fleet of 2 or 200, municipal lease-purchase financing for school buses is  your best option by far.  Gas, Diesel, or Electric (EV) buses, no problem.

ALL buses are registered by and titled in your school’s name and remain in the school’s name and possession during and after the lease; no vehicle is returned (these are not commercial rentals—your government owns every bus). No money is due at signing, we don’t track mileage or “wear & tear.” There are no fees or buyouts at the end of the term; you can sell,  trade, or continue to operate any bus for as long as you wish; there are no charges, and there are no fees.

We are seeing more school districts and charter schools who experimented with outsourcing their student transportation take a hard look at the numbers and pull transportation back in-house.

Our programs are a very smart source of very low-interest municipal government, lease-to-own financing.  We are not a contractor or a third-party operator.

Electric School Buses – Are You Ready?

Electric, Gas, Diesel and Hybrid Electric Municipal Vehicles
Electric, Gas/Diesel, or Hybrid Electric?

The environment is ready for electric & hybrid vehicles.  Technology is moving forward and getting better all the time.  Communities, families & districts are on board.  Most know the benefits, but many don’t see the upfront entry costs,  We can show you what fleet electrification from vehicles to charging stations will cost under a municipal fleet lease-purchase.

How Old is Your School Bus Fleet?

“We had a rock-solid bus and van rotation plan…and then it slipped away on us with a greater number of older vehicles on the road or in the shop than we ever intended.”  (We hear this a lot more than you might think)

Fleets that are pushing the age/miles envelope are also costing you in maintenance, downtime, insurance, scheduling issues, and perhaps most importantly, are creating student safety concerns.  Rentals or third-party operators may not be your best option, either.

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The Best Way to Catch Up

The fastest and least expensive way to “catch up” is to retire your oldest vehicles and use our school bus lease purchase program to spread the high capital cost of new vehicles over multiple budget periods. Rather than draining next year’s budget and replacing a fraction of what you actually need to get your budget and your equipment needs back “in sync.” Municipal Lease Purchase Financing is by far the fastest and least expensive way to retire more of your oldest vehicles now.

The miles keep adding up; this is one issue that’s not going away by itself.

Do More, With Less

Bet you’ve heard that a few too many times from the Mayor, the City School Mini Bus LeasingManager, or the Board of Education. We will show you how to wring more school buses and equipment out of this year’s funds. We’ve saved the big surprise for last. We will do it for less than you’re spending now by allowing your district to S-P-R-E-A-D those costs over 3-7 (or more) budget years.

100% Turnkey Solutions

Include any equipment your school district needs to make very bus “street ready” for your transportation department.  From mobile radios & security, GPS, school bus routing software, student-restraint upgrades, and ADA equipment to window tinting, vehicle graphics…and everything in between.  With tax-exempt municipal school bus leasing, if it’s essential to your school’s transportation program, it’s in!

Your Lowest Cost Financing

Its a fact:  Municipal school bus fleet financing is your district’s lowest-cost source of non-debt financing. Every program is designed specifically for municipal entities and their fleet needs.

Skip the pay-for-it-all-in-advance budget trap this year. It’s a tough fiscal model to get tangled up in. Our programs are “Pay as You Go,” and departments tell us that it just makes sense with today’s ever-tightening budgets.

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Let us prepare a quick quote on any combination of equipment & terms. We can have real numbers on your desk today–you’ll know within 60 seconds of receiving our quote if municipal leasing is the best choice for your agency! (what’s the downside of seeing some actual numbers?)

And whenever you’re ready, we’ll put everything together for you in a matter of days, not weeks or months. 

We’ve Got You Covered!

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