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Public Works Construction Equipment Leasing

municipal construction equipment leasing excavators,backhoe loadersHeavy equipment for municipal construction,  public works projects and the ongoing maintenance of roads and infrastructure is one of the many obligations staking a claim against state, county and local government budgets.  There is that certain point where it pays to do the public works construction in house with your own team–but the high cost of entry, i.e. the initial investment in high cost construction equipment (new or used) can be a budget killer.  Municipal construction equipment lease-to-own financing is one of your best options.  We’ll finance any brand including your CAT equipment out to 10 years–that can make a big difference.  Do you know exactly what you’ll  need? Cut to the chase here with a  Quick Quote here.

Do More With Less

Bet you’ve heard that a few too many times from the Mayor, the City Manager or the Council.  We will show you how to wring more vehicles and equipment out of this year’s funds.  We’ve saved the big surprise for last–we’ll do it for less than you’re spending by

Purchase From Any Vendor

You select the supplier that’s best for you–best location, best price, best service–including any state contract dealers.    If the muncipal construction equipment leasing backhoe loaders dozerswvendor is OK with you, they’re OK with us.   Every piece of equipment is titled in the city’s name the day the vendor delivers it.  You city owns everything.  After the last lease payment you can go on using the equipment forever (FOREVER!) at no additional cost; trade it, sell it or re-assign it.  The are no lease-end buyouts or payoffs, ever.  Exactly as if  you had paid cash years earlier.

Your Lowest Cost Financing Option

Its a fact.  Public works construction equipment leasing is your agency’s lowest cost source of non-debt financing.  Every program is designed specifically for municipal entities and their government construction leasing needs.  From 2-200 vehicles!

Skip the pay-for-it-all-in-advance budget trap this year.  It’s a tough fiscal model to get tangled up in.   Our programs are “Pay as You Goand departments tell us that it just makes sense with today’s ever-tightening budgets.

A Simple Way to Multiply Your Buying Power.

Municipal public works construction equipment leasing multiplies budget’s buying power.  Leasing Math 101:  A $100,000 annual budget line item will buy you exactly that; $100,000 of new equipment today.   Spread over 5 years (for example) just over $20,000/year will put $100,000 of equipment into service today.   $100,000 per year in the budget will  put almost $500,000 of new equipment into service today That’s your buying power at work.

Get a Municipal Leasing Quote Now

Let us prepare a quick quote now on any combination equipment & terms. We can have real numbers on your desk todayyou’ll know within 60 seconds of receiving our quote if municipal leasing is the best choice for your agency! (what’s the downside of seeing some actual numbers?) And whenever you’re ready, we’ll put it all together for you in a matter of days, not weeks or months. (see computers for schools).

We’ve Got You Covered!

Just keep reading here on, or call us now. We’ll make you as much of a “lease expert” as you want to be.

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