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Municipal Maintenance Vehicles & Equipment

Mipalmaintenance: it’s not glamorous, but it sure is necessary.  Whether it’s municipal facilities, buildings, or grounds–from the town square to those ubiquitous street lights.  In most cases, municipal municipal maintenace street sweepermaintenance vehicles are, and equipment receives only moderate use but over long useful lives.   The payoff in increased productivity and decreased maintenance and downtime alone often justifies most projects.  Necessary, expensive, and a long useful life–make maintenance equipment “perfect” for paying for over a more extended period, rather than upfront!

Do you know exactly what you need? Cut to the chase!

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Why Drain This Year’s Budget?

Do More, With Less.  (Bet you’ve heard that a few too many times from City Hall)commercial lawnmower for municipal maintenance   We will show you exactly how to wring more vehicles and equipment out of this year’s budget. And we’ve saved the big news for last. We’ll do it for less than you’re spending now by allowing your department to  S-P-R-E-A-D the costs over 3-7 (or more) budget years. From bucket trucks to sewer vacs…and everything in between. If it’s essential to your department, it’s in.

Your Lowest Cost Financing

It’s a fact.  Municipal leasing for municipal maintenance equipment is your department’s lowest-cost source of non-debt financing.

Select Any Vendor of Your Choice

Use any municipal maintenance equipment dealer, the state contract provider, or from your cooperative buying group; one source or five– whatever it takes to get EXACTLY what you need.   Your pricing estimates may change–and that’s fine! All numbers will, of course, be recalculated to the penny before we draft your agreement.

Get a Municipal Maintenance Lease to Own Quote

Skip the Big Budget Trap This Year

Paying for everything in advance is the is the classic “financial trap” for upgrading pickup truck with plow for municipal maintenancemunicipal maintenance equipment (that lasts for years!)  Most departments have found that trying to pay for everything in advance is a tough budget model to get tangled up in. Our programs are “Pay as You Go” and find that it just makes sense to match capital expense (over several years) to tax receipts (over several years). We call it “cash flow friendly.”

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Let us prepare a quick quote now on any combination of equipment & terms. We can have real numbers on your desk todayyou’ll know within 60 seconds of receiving our quote if municipal leasing is the best budget choice for your department this year!  (what’s the downside of seeing some actual numbers?)

And whenever you’re ready, we’ll put it all together for you in a matter of days, not weeks or months.

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