Municipal Leasing Quotes

See What Your Budget Will Buy – 2 Tools

Classic Lease Quote – Most popular.  You know what you need and what it will cost to write a check.  Our municipal leasing quote tells you what it will cost if you spread the expense out (that’s the key) over the next 3, 4, 5, 6, or 10 years instead of taking “one giant bite this year.


Municipal Buying Power Quote – A special kind of quote.  If you know about what you’ll have in the budget each year for this equipment, we’ll show you how much (more) YOU can buy this year, as if” all of those future budget dollars were available to spend TODAY.  (buy today, pay back as you go).


“Leverage” your scare funds.  A lot more “bang” this year, for a lot “fewer bucks this year.

Not sure?  Try the Classic quote first.