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Energy Retrofits & Upgrades

Energy savings, green energy,lighting retrofitsMunicipal energy savings potential is everywhere and in all forms.  From ubiquitous street lighting to the bulbs in every fixture over every desk and work space.  Most governments can readily identify hundreds of green energy savings opportunities.  From automated building controls for more efficient HVAC, to wood pellet boilers and renewable energy like solar panels and wind turbines.

The “ROI” Is There for Energy Savings Projects

Even if you’ve just begun looking into energy savings opportunities, you know that most projects are intended to “pay for themselves,” at some point.  Loosely, that idea is measured as “return on investment” or ROI.  Energy Saving Solar Panel LeasingThe ROI, on lighting retrofits and building controls automation for example can be very compelling.  The flip side of ROI, is the cost of delaying energy savings projects which is too often under appreciated.  Figuring out the ROI:  The amount that you save compared to the amount that you invested upfront , expressed as a percentage, is the basic “ROI” for the project and (while simplified a bit here) is one good way to compare your competing options.

OK, But Who Makes the Upfront Investment?

Municipal Leasing for Energy Saving Energy Star ProjectsCovering your city’s large upfront investment in new, energy-efficient equipment is exactly the kind of help that First Capital provides with our very low-interest municipal lease-to-own financing.  For most state, county and municipal governments there is no lower cost of funds.  The math is pretty straightforward:  The less your agency spends on paying for or financing your new green equipment projects, the greater the savings and ROI will be.

Finding Low Cost Financing : A White Paper

Finding funds for energy projects can seem like an uphill climb into some complicated territory!  At this point however, the path is well traveled and  documented.  This white paper, although written a while back is as timely and relevant as ever.  (Download the PDF EPA White Paper: Finding Money for Energy Projects Some think their projects will ultimately fail for lack lack of funds, lack of time or expertise to implement the project or worse, lack of political will” to stay the course.

You know you need to do it.    Although communities are thinking green; taxpayers see pitfalls.  Some conclude that energy programs will take a bite out of already scare tax dollars or will saddle taxpayers with new fees, expenses and even balance sheet debt .  Not so fast!

You have ready access to very low cost funds going in and real cash savings that self liquidate even those costs, during the term of the project.  There is plenty of readily available professional assistance in the form of Energy Service Providers (ESP’s) who help design the plans and  even guarantee the savings.  This whitepaper (EPA White Paper: Finding Money for Energy Projects) lays out the case for taking advantage of low cost funding to the high cost delaying.
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Select Any Vendor of Your Choice

A  local dealer, the state contract provider or from a cooperative buying group that you work with; one source or five; whatever it takes to get exactly what YOU need. Your pricing estimates may change–and that’s fine!  All pricing is re-calculated “to the penny,” before the agreement is drafted.

100% Turnkey

We offer a 100% turnkey lease-to-own financing.  No “a la carte” solutions wind turbine renewable green energy savingshere.  Every quote can include ANY EQUIPMENT that you need, from ANY VENDOR or sub-contractor for a complete job–start to finish.  The  city owns every piece of equipment  from the day it is delivered.  There are no lease end buy outs, balloons  or payoffs, ever.  Turnkey means you get what you need, when you need it, for a single price from the vendors you select.  All in!

Get a Municipal Leasing Quote Now

Let us prepare a quick quote now on any combination equipment & terms. We can have real numbers on your desk today–you’ll know within 60 seconds of receiving our quote if municipal leasing is the best choice for your agency! (what’s the downside of seeing some real numbers?)

Whenever you’re ready, we can put it all together for you in a matter of days, not weeks or months.

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