Which government entities qualify for municipal leasing?

Which Government Entities Qualify for Municipal Leasing?

Virtually any state, county, municipal leasing FAQ'scity & municipal entity qualifies for municipal leasing under IRS Section 103. This , includes Public Works, Public Safety, Fire, Rescue, EMS, Water, Public Schools, Ports & Parking Authorities and a variety of “special districts” and authorities.

To be designated as “qualifying,” the IRS requires that a government entity have one or more of the following legal authorities:

  1. Does your government entity have the power to police;
  2. Does your government entity have the authority to levy and collect taxes; and/or
  3. Does your government entity have legal prerogative of eminent domain?

If your government has one or more of these 3 legal powers, you’re good to go with our municipal leasing programs.

The IRS has also carved out one special exception for  Volunteer Fire Departments looking to finance fire trucks or fire houses (only).  New or renovated.

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