Municipal Leases & Municipal Bonds – Whats’ the Difference?

Municipal Leases and Municipal Bonds are both are types Frequently Asked Questions FAQs About Municipal Leasing FAQ'sof multi-year, low-interest financing for governments.  There are some critical differences.  Municipal bonds create debt and are structured around an unconditional “full faith and credit” pledge to pay by the municipal entity.

This pledge includes the obligation to levy taxes on every resident to pay bond obligations, should funds be otherwise insufficient.  This is why most bonds require public consent in the form of complicated, time-consuming, and expensive voter referendums.

Municipal leases are generally treated as expenses because they are subject to the annual appropriation of funds in most jurisdictions.

Should funds be insufficient (or not appropriated for any legal reason) in any future budget year, the government body would have the legal prerogative to terminate the lease and in essence, “walk away.” Leases are much faster to set up and much less expensive to issue.

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