What’s the difference between public, private & charter school leasing?

Public, Frequently Asked Questions About Municipal Leasing for Schools FAQ'sCharter, and Private schools differ on everything from tuition to admissions to funding formulas.  Here are the differences in how essential hardware, software, vehicles, and equipment can be financed at the lowest available rates.

Public School Leasing

School Bus Lease-to-Own Financing QuotePublic schools and independent school districts are eligible for the same very low, tax-exempt municipal interest rates and terms as any city and local government.  Public School leases automatically include non-appropriation of funds language as required.  Vehicles and equipment are titled in the municipal entity’s or district’s name upon vendor delivery.

Charter School Leasing

Charter Schools are a special kind of tuition-free public school funded by tax dollars.  Charter Schools generally exist under state rules (“charters”) that vary significantly from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.  Although charter school leasing is ultimately funded with tax dollars;  legally, they are not part of any state, county, or municipal government; rather, they generally exist as 501c3 non-profit corporations with their own budgets.

Most significantly (with regard to leasing), a charter school’s continued government funding is subject to periodic review and renewal by the chartering authority.  If a charter school loses its charter, it loses its funding and source of revenue.

Key Considerations for Charter School Leasing:

  1. Charter school lease terms cannot exceed their most recent charter renewal term; and
  2. Lease contracts for charter schools do not include non-appropriation of funds language, rather charter school leases are “firm term” obligations; and
  3. Charter school leases are priced at our “non-profit” rates*. 

*(Non-profit interest rates are well below commercial interest rates but somewhat higher than municipal rates)

Private School Leasing – Summarized

  1. Designated non-profit, non-government private schools would be eligible to lease vehicles and equipment at our non-profit rates (below commercial, above municipal). Non-appropriation language is not available to non-government entities.
  2. For-profit, non-government private schools would be eligible to lease vehicles and equipment at our commercial (business) rates.  Non-appropriation language is not available.

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