Are you comparing “apples & oranges?”

Aren’t all leases “pretty much” the same?  Isn’t the lowest Frequently Asked Questions About Government & Municipal Leasing - FAQ'sinterest rate the best deal?  Here are ten things you should consider when comparing a First Capital municipal lease offer to any other–municipal, commercial or personal lease. Any one of these factors, even the smallest variations, can make a significant difference in the final amount your government ends up spending.

10 characteristics that can significantly affect your actual rate, payments, and, exactly how good, that “great deal” really is.  Put these topics on your “check it out” list :

  1. Actual Amount Being Financed (net of deposits and advances)
  2. Lease Execution Date
  3.  First Payment Due Date
  4.  Required Down Payments
  5.  Points, Closing Costs & “Hidden” Fees
  6.  Bank Compensating Balance Requirements
  7.  Periodic Rate Resets or Rates That Float
  8.  Debt vs. Our Non-Debt Structure
  9.  End-of-Lease Residuals & Buyouts
  10.  Availability of Lease Pre-Payment Options

Are you comparing apples and orangesApples & Oranges?

Do You Have Questions About Comparing Leases?

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