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Computer Leasing for Schools

computers for schools, laptops, tech refresh, IT, servers, networking.  First Capital provides computer leasing for schools utilizing very low interest rates.  Whether its just for one computer lab or classroom, computer leasing for the whole school or computer leasing for the entire district… computers-desktops or notebooks, network cabling, printers, routers, storage and backup, furniture and software.

school and education leasing for laptop computersPurchase with the best school & educations discounts available to your school. Our school computer municipal lease pricing will be based on the most discounted purchase prices available to you including any state contract, manufacturer’s discounts, rebates or cooperative buying  agreements that you may have access to.  Do you know exactly what you need now? Just skip to: Quick Quote!

Single Source School Leasing

computer and network leasingYou can include all of your school computer equipment; hardware, software, peripherals, networking & cabling in a single lease, with a single payment over whatever term works for your school district.  Whether its for a single computer lab, a one-to-one computers for students program or a whole district.

Your Lowest  Cost Financing

Its a fact.  Municipal school computer leasing is your district’s  lowest cost source of non-debt financing. Our lease-to-own programs are designed specifically for school systems.  From 20-2,000 school computers and accessories.  Roll-out significantly more upgraded technology at the same time because the cost is being spread over multiple budget periods.

Skip the pay-for-it-all-in-advance budget trap this year. It’s a tough fiscal model to get tangled in. Our programs are “Pay as You Go” and schools tell us that it just makes sense.

Any Major Manufacturer – From Any Vendor

Purchase your school computer hardware, office and educational software from the major manufacturers of your choice. Mix & Match vendors to get the best and most cost effective solution from HP, IBM, Microsoft, Dell, Apple, Gateway, Asus–for the PC’s, Mac’s, iPad’s, Chromebooks, Notebooks that you choose.

Pay As You Go!

Our very low interest municipal school leases for desktops, laptops, notebooks, wired and wireless networks, routers and servers makes it possible for schools to make larger investments like computers for schools and all related IT infrastructure, by spreading payments over multiple budget periods with annual, semi-annual, quarterly or monthly payments. Why pay 100% in advance (i.e. out of this year’s budget) for equipment that will be productive for several years?

“Tech Refresh” Leases- What’s The Real Deal?

Magic!   We don’t have the button on our site (neither do they), sorry!  Tech Refresh Magic WandREAD the fine print on your end-of-lease options and costs and ask a lot of questions. What is the real interest rate? So called “tech refresh” leases claim that they keep your school in the latest IT technology… Unfortunately, the old adage about there being “no free lunch” applies here as well. First, that “obsolete” IT equipment that is too old for your school, is too old for just about anyone else as well. In most cases it’s barely “worth” the cost of shipping it back (which is your financial responsibility–as well as uninstalling it, wiping the drives, excessive wear & tear–and packing it all up and the freight charges to “who knows where….” ) Its all buried in the numbers–the additional charge to you of “upgrading” to new equipment and the pricing you are being offered on the new equipment help make up the manufacturer’s net loss on the equipment they are taking back from your school.

Any way the manufacturer prices the “refreshed” equipment, it is very unlikely that it will be as low as your school could obtain in the open market, if you were to re-shop it from scratch. (And don’t even think about “upgrading” to another manufacturer’s equipment as part of the refresh lease–forget it! You are locked in to the same vendor) Also, because the manufacturer’s “tech refresh” is often based on commercial interest rates rather than the extremely low municipal interest that only a qualifying entity like your school is entitled to under I.R.S. regulations, you’re probably making higher payments than you would be under a tax-exempt school municipal lease for the same equipment. That “magical” free lunch may not look like such a tasty deal, after you wade through all of the fine print.

Get a Municipal Leasing Quote Now

Let us prepare a quick quote quick quote on any combination equipment & terms. We can have real numbers on your desk within hours–you’ll know within 60 seconds of receiving our quote if municipal leasing is the best choice for your school! (what’s the downside of seeing some actual numbers?)  And whenever you’re ready, we’ll put it all together for you in a matter of days, not weeks or months.

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