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Vehicle & Equipment Buying Power Quotes for State, County & Municipal Governments. Unlike a traditional municipal lease quote, with our Buying Power Quote YOU TELL US how much you have (in your budget) and  WE’LL SHOW YOU how much you can buy–this year (today!) with that annual budget.  Your financial leverage with a municipal lease is the difference between what you can spend for cash and what the exact same amount (applied to lease over 3-6 years) will allow you to buy  today (that can easily be 3, 4 or 5 times as much!)That’s municipal leasing leverage.  It’s just like a “typical quote;” only turned on its head.   Let us show you–it’s fast, free and no obligation, of course.  Pretty neat and VERY helpful!

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HOW MUCH is in your anticipated annual budget for the current and next few years, for this type of equipment? We'll base our estimate on your best estimate.

NOTE: WE DO NOT SELL vehicles or equipment. We need your best estimates--using ANY VENDORS of your choice, state contract or buy board pricing--whatever YOUR least expensive source is. (These numbers can be updated anytime)

Vehicles to 6 years, Trucks to 8, Buildings to 15 | Call for ANY other options!
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