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 Municipal & non-profit financing .  Our low-interest lease-to-own ambulance leasing is for paramedic, EMS, and rescue squads.

Ambulance leasing, whether a part of fire departments, municipal or volunteer (non-profit corporations), special service districts, or EMS departments, all are facing variations of the same problem, most fire chiefs and ambulance administrators have probably heard that a few too many times lately.

 “Plan B”  Pay As You Go!

Why pay in advance for essential ambulances and medics, and equipment that your department will be using for years when you can pay as you go?”  Ambulance leasing (municipal leasing) is pay-as-you-go, VERY LOW-INTEREST lease-to-own financing that can bridge the gap by spreading payments out over 3, 4, 5, or even six years, thereby matching tax and fee income to expenses.

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Municipal & Volunteer EMS Departments

Who’s eligible for which type of leasing?  There are two primary “types” of EMS departments for municipal leasing purposes.  The FIRST TYPE is municipal EMS departments (funded with tax dollars).ambulance leasing for EMS & rescue vehicles  A municipal department can acquire any essential-use ambulance (new or used) and equipment at extremely low municipal leasing interest rates.–  These are the same low rates we extend to any government for their essential-use vehicles & equipment.   The SECOND TYPE is “non-profit.”  (For EMS and rescue squads that are legally structured as 501(c)(3) corporations)  These organizations generate their own funds from donations, grants, and local fundraising but are not eligible for tax-exempt municipal rates.  Non-profits are eligible for special non-profit rates that are well below commercial rates.

Our Ambulance Leasing is Turnkey

Get what you need now.  Our ambulance financing can include any essential equipment for your department and rigs.  It’s 100% turnkey financing.  Feel free to include everything from a Stryker power load system to  oxygen, defibrillators,  cardiac care, radios, vehicle, and scene lighting, generators, radios, and rescue tools.  (You can finance it all “ala carte,” but why would you?)   If your department needs it today, let us show you the numbers with everything you need in a single very low-interest quote.

New Ambulance Stations, HQ & Garages

New Construction • Expansions • Renovations

All at our very low municipal leasing interest rates.  Terms from 5, 10, 15, and up to 20 years.  Include your design, consulting, and Municipal Construction Blue Prints, Hard Hat & Toolspermitting costs in the financing.  Non-profits, no problem.  Non-profit pricing is based on our taxable (non-tax-exempt) rates.  Our non-profit rates are slightly higher than municipal rates.

Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD)
& Communications Are In Too.

Microwave Communications Antenna Tower for Public SafetyHardware, software (even 100% software SaaS), consoles, radios, facility furniture, fixed, mobile, and portable radios.  Antennas, towers, repeaters and microwave equipment, trunking systems.  It’s all in…whatever you need.

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Let us prepare a quick quote on any combination of equipment & terms. We can have real numbers on your desk today–you’ll know within 60 seconds of receiving our quote if leasing is the best choice for your agency! (what’s the downside of seeing some actual numbers?) Whenever you’re ready, we’ll put it all together for you in a matter of days, not weeks or months. Looking at electric ambulances we finance those too!

Electric, Gas, Diesel and Hybrid Electric Municipal Vehicles
Electric, Gas/Diesel
or Hybrid Electric EMS Vehicles?

We’ve Got You Covered!

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