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First Capital Equipment Leasing was founded 34 years ago in 1985 by leasing industry veteran Linda Naiman, to provide knowledgeable, competitive, fast and flexible lease-to-own financing.

We Really Appreciate Your Business!

We answer the phone (promptly!), we call back, we follow up and we know what we’re talking about.

That combination has long since been abandoned by the largest financial institutions!  Just advertising that you’re in “the municipal leasing business” or on an additional, “we do do that too…” marketing tag line to a website doesn’t cut it in this environment.

34 Years in “Internet Time”

Some perspective. Did you know that September of 1998 was an auspicious year in the history of the internet? It’s true!  Both First Capital Equipment LeasingFirst Capital in Internet Time - Since 1985 and a California start-up with the unlikely name “Google,”  made their respective online web debuts way back in September of 1998. (Most people we talk to these days, don’t even know there was an internet 19 years ago)

Although Google was brand new at the time, First Capital was founded in 1985 and had already celebrated its 13th birthday by 1998, when we both went on line!

Experience Counts!

Public Safety • Schools • Public Works • Energy • Technology

First Capital provides a broad range of state, county & municipal leasing expertise. We know government leasing and finance – vehicles, equipment, hardware, software and real property–from $35,000 to $20 million dollars for the largest government entities. First Capital also offers a number of “cash flow friendly” lease structures with customized payment streams–deferred initial payments, seasonally adjusted payments and step up/step down payments to suit each client’s cash flow needs and preferences. The more you know about us, the more comfortable you’ll be.

Trust Matters.

Today, Municipal-Leasing.com is the web address for government tax-exempt lease-to-own financing.  When it’s your reputation and your agency’s money on the line, Our 34 years of government fleet financing experience really counts.  It means that everything will go right–as quoted, on time, on budget and as promised.

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Law Enforcement & Public Safety division of First Capital Equipment Leasing. First Capital’s large repeat-client base continues to demonstrate, that there is a strong demand for ultra-competitive rates and one-on-one service.

Public Safety, Public Works & Public Finance

YOU have been highly trained in operating a government agency. WE have been highly trained in government & public finance. But a municipal specialist has to know even more about how a public agency operates and acquires their essential vehicles and equipment. And perhaps most critically how they are going to pay for the vehicles and equipment out an ever-shrinking tax pool.

Our goal is to share our expertise. We want to make you as much of a “lease expert” on police vehicle & equipment leasing as need or want to be–how it works and why it will work for your agency. So ask away! We’re anxious to answer EVERY QUESTION on your list!

Let Us Do the Heavy Lifting!

Need to make a presentation or maybe bring some city council folks in on a conference call? We’ll do 100% of the heavy lifting with any questions–you don’t have to know anything about government finance.   From the Mayor to City Council, the Finance Director to an accounting clerk; we’ll be out front to answer EVERY question. It may be a little shopworn or cliched to say, but there really are no dumb questions.

We’ve Got You  Covered!

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