7 Benefits of Municipal Leasing

7 Benefits of Municipal Leasing. 

1 7 Benefits of Municipal Leasing for state, county, and local governments, special districts & authorities like yours make it the smart choice.  Although interest rates have risen significantly over the last 3 years,  municipal leasing is still your lowest-cost type of non-debt financing for governments, Public Works, Public Safety, Schools,  IT & Technology.    Blame it on the IRS!  Years ago, they decided to “incentivize” the financial sector to lend to state & local governments at considerably lower-than-market rates.  Our cost of borrowing starts lower, and your cost of borrowing is significantly lower.  Our interest rates are well below dealer rates!

Vehicles & Equipment Cost Less

2 Use your state contract, buy board, or other government discount pricing.  You source municipal vehicles and equipment from ANY dealer of your choice.  As a government entity, you pay less than we would (or any non-government buyer, for that matter).  Get your very best deal on any new equipment, and we’ll combine it with our lowest interest rates.  WIN-WIN!

Stop Paying For Everything in Advance

3Our model is “Pay As You Go!” When you pay cash upfront for vehicles and equipment that will be in service for years, you’re “paying in advance” when you don’t have to.  Too many governments fall into this budget trap.

Spread the cost of high-price capital equipment over multiple budgets instead of trying to “shoehorn” 100% of every expense into a single budget year.

Get 4 Times As Much With The Same Budget

4 That’s not a typo.   Match revenue (taxes & fees) to expenses like lease payments, BUT spread those expenses over the years of service you will get from that equipment.  The natural leverage will allow you to get 3, 4, or 5 times as much.  The “flip side” is that you can get the same amount of vehicles and equipment, pay much less this year (and use the savings for other projects).  See the leverage in action:

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5 You have to have this.  Non-appropriation language is required by law in most jurisdictions.  All state, county, and municipal contracts automatically have non-appropriation (funding out) language wherever required by statute. 

Lease-Purchase, No Money Down, No Mileage, Lease Payoffs or Balloons. 

6  Our tax-exempt municipal programs are all “lease-to-own” under IRS rules.  You OWN all vehicles and equipment (the vehicles are registered by you, titled in your government’s name, and remain in your government’s name and possession during and after the lease.  No equipment is returned(If you don’t own the vehicles, you probably don’t have the very low-interest municipal rates you are entitled to and are likely paying too much) We’ll be happy to show you real numbers.

Our Programs are Lease-to-Own.

7 Are You Comparing Apples & Oranges?  This is tax-exempt municipal lease-purchase financing.  THIS IS NOT A COMMERCIAL LEASE for cars/trucks, an operating, FMV, TRAC lease or rental, or a “fleet management” offer.  Don’t let dealers, those big rental car companies, and banks confuse the issue at your expense; municipal leasing is entirely different.   Municipal leases are the only type designed specifically for state, county & municipal governments, special districts, and authorities.  Our municipal leases are subject to YOUR government’s annual appropriation of funds.  Commercial leases are not.  The right legal safeguards, the right terms, and the right interest rates.  Vehicles are registered to and titled in your government’s name (NOT ours) and remain in your name at the end of the lease.  There are NO MILEAGE charges, NO usage or hours limitations, NO condition requirements, NO end-of-lease buyouts, “wear & tear” charges or fees.  Keep, sell, trade, or re-task vehicles or equipment exactly as you would have paid cash.

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