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Municipal Leasing for Governments

Start Here.  You’re in the right place!  Municipal leasing is exactly what we do.  Is your agency a state, county, municipal or local government, special districtMunicipal Leasing for State, County & Municipal Governments or authority?  Do your funds come from tax dollars?  If so, our VERY LOW-INTEREST lease-to-own financing can dramatically lower your cost of replacing and upgrading the vehicles (including electric vehicles), equipment, hardware, or software that are your most basic government tools. (Eligible? IRS Quick Check)

Municipal Leasing Experience Counts

Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.  Our track record matters.  When it’s your reputation and your government’s money on the line–Our 35+ years of municipal leasing experience counts. It means that everything will go right–as quoted, on time, on budget and as promised.

We are specialists:   If it’s not for police, public works, schools, fire, IT or energy savings–for state, county, or municipal governments–you won’t see it here.  No “jack of all trades” dance on these pages.

We are the government financing experts at First Capital Equipment Leasing and enjoy a well-deserved A+ rating from the BBB.

We Speak “Government.” We Get It.

First Capital Equipment Leasing speaks municipal leasing, the government financing language of police vehicles, road graders, fire trucks, IT technology, snowplows, backhoes, energy savings, municipal budgeting, taxes, cash flow, due diligence, competing expenditures, town meetings and yes, even the occasional “political agenda.”

The Smart Funding Choice for Governments

Funding is getting harder to come by as taxpayers are getting squeezed, municipal leasing is the smart chociemaking the 7 Benefits of Municipal Leasing more attractive than ever. State and federal government funding is being cut back or cut off.  Inflation keeps the cost of municipal vehicles and equipment high while the maintenance of older, less reliable equipment keeps on rising.  Municipal Leasing is the smart choice for acquiring essential, expensive public safety, public works, school, maintenance vehicles, IT technology, electric vehicles, and equipment now, for less.

Do More, With Less

Yes, that really is possible. Here’s the big surprise–we will show you how to wring more vehicles and equipment out of your shrinking budget, and it will cost less this year with municipal leasing.    The most cost-effective tool for s-p-r-e-a-d-i-n-g costs over multiple budget periods.  Do you have your equipment estimates together? Let us surprise you.  Get a Quick Quote Now!

Municipal Leasing & Municipal Bonds

Municipal leasing compares directly to bond rates, but without the compliance hassles and legal fees, protracted delays, and rate risk, not to mention public debate and consent warrants and referendums.  And no new debt.  Our all-in costs are likely far lower than bonds.

Spread The Costs Over Multiple Budget Years!

The math behind our offers:  e.g., A $100,000 annual budget line item might buy two or three new police cars for cash this year, but applied to a municipal lease; the same $100,000 yearly expenditure could put 15 new vehicles on the street today.  Why not get a one-page quote now, on any vehicles, equipment, hardware, or software to see how some real numbers would work for you–now’s the time.

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Purchase From Any Vendor

Use your state contract or any vendor of your choice.  Our municipal leasing interest rates and payments are based on the best government pricing from the vendors that you select.  (better than any commercial source has access to)   Every vehicle and piece of equipment is titled to your agency the day it’s delivered.   Ownership (title) passes on delivery, not after you’re done paying for it.  No end-of-lease buyouts or payoffs, EVER.

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